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Donate clothes

We always welcome donations of high quality work-appropriate clothes in all sizes, particularly in size 16 and upwards.

For all clothes donations please contact

Clothing donations need to be interview-appropriate, in good condition and ready to wear.  Every single item of clothing you donate will help another woman succeed at her job interview. You are welcome to donate single items but you can also arrange a suit drive.

Suit Drive

Suit drives happen when colleagues within a company get together to raise awareness of our work and organise a day or week when everyone can donate their unwanted clothes and accessories to Smart Works Edinburgh. Each item of donated clothing helps another woman succeed at her job interview.

Organise a suit drive in four easy steps:

  • Agree a particular day or week to hold your suit drive
  • Publicise the event via email and posters
  • Designate a room or space in the office where people can drop off their clothes, and organise a hanging rail and some boxes to store the clothes
  • After the suit drive, package up the donations and deliver them to Smart Works Edinburgh.

Because all clothes are passed directly on to our clients, all donations should be clean, in good condition and ready to wear. For more information on how to organise a suit drive, and the kind of clothes and accessories we need, please call us or email