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Meet our volunteer – Sarah

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“I love to see the reaction of our clients once we have dressed them.  They are often speechless because they are so happy and feeling so different.  Sometimes there are tears because they are so emotional.  Many of them feel overwhelmed when they realise that this service is free.”

As part of National Volunteer’s Week(1st-12thJune| Yes, we know it’s more than a week), we are introducing some of the amazing women who volunteer for us.

Meet Sarah. One of our 50 strong volunteers who take time from their busy schedules, to make numerous women feel empowered when they walk into our premises. Sarah, is a DRESSING VOLUNTEER. (She is a stockroom room volunteer as well. To know more about this role, click here. )


“My dining room was know as the board room” – Sarah, dressing volunteer


So what does this role involve? It’s the toughest job in the world- Getting a woman dressed in the span of an hour(Sarcasm intended !). It is not EASY. But, it is the most rewarding role. Dressing volunteers usually work in pairs. They make our clients feel comfortable, treat them with respect and most importantly LISTEN and understand what the client wants. A dressing volunteer helps the client choose the perfect outfit for her interview. They get all the accessories, bags, shoes, scarves, EVERYTHING sorted and ready, according to the client.

In her own words, Sarah describes how she started volunteering with us.

“I started at Smart Works almost right from the beginning.  I met with Frippy when she was a few months into writing the business plan with another colleague.  From then on, we used to meet at my house weekly and sometimes two or three times a week, my dining room was known as the ‘Board Room’.  We worked hard for a year to get Smart Works up and running.  

I joined up with Frippy because she was looking for someone to help; I was in between jobs and wondering what to do next and when she suggested it, it really got me excited! “

I loved the idea of Smart Works and it was also exciting to help set up something new in Edinburgh.

When we asked asked what the best part of the job was:

“It is extremely rewarding dressing clients and I get a lot from that.  I love to see a happy and more confident woman when they walk out of the office.  We feel that we help transform them and Smart Works really does help them to feel more confident and ready for the work place. Hopefully the start of something new for them.”

Sarah is one amongst the many dedicated volunteers who come to our organisation and make EVERY SINGLE CLIENT feel like a million bucks. If you would like to know more check the About Us section and give us a call.

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