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Recruiting managers can make a decision to hire you or not in first 90 seconds of an interview. This is important then to ensure that you will make a great impression on this very important meeting.


There are some simple and effective ways to ensure that you will make a good first impression:

  1. The way you walk in the door

If you walk through the door looking smart, clean and confident, the employer will take more notice of you. And if they take more notice of you, they will be remembering you and your suitability for the job better.

Avoid eating spicy food, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol before your interview. You want to smell fresh and good. This same applies to perfume – avoid heavy perfume but remember about personal hygiene.

Make-up and jewellery are better kept to minimum. A little bit of foundation and mascara are safer options than trying to make a professionally looking day makeup. Large jewellery or body piercing can draw attention away from what you are saying.

Clothes should be fresh, clean, pressed where necessary. Depending on what type of job you’re applying for, clothes will be in business smart or smart style. It’s better to be overdressed for an interview, as you will show commitment and interest in the role. The clothes should help you feel more confident, but also must be comfortable. Simple rules here are to avoid heels in which you can’t walk comfortably, avoid short skirts and sandals.

  1. Your handshake

Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and keep an eye contact with your interviewer, by doing so you will build a rapport.


3. Smile

Smile is contagious; when you smile you appear friendlier. The smile on your face will help you look more professional and more confident.

4. Speak clearly and slowly

The quality of your voice, grammar you are using and confidence are more memorable than what words you are using. For this reason it is very important to practice answering to the interview questions. Very good method is to record your answers and then listen to them. Is your voice shaking, quiet or perhaps too loud?

5. Do not fidget

If you are nervous, hold your hands firmly on your lap. Some people find it helpful to change slightly their position when they start providing an answer to the interview question. The less you fidget the more confident and prepared you appear.


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