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Davina’s experience

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Davina came to Smart Works Edinburgh, late January, having mixed feelings about the appointment. Here’s her experience of Smart Works:

“Soon after moving to Edinburgh, I had my first job interview scheduled on short notice. Having spent most of my life as a student and recently returning from travelling abroad, I was clueless as to what was interview appropriate clothing or how to put together a work wardrobe. I urgently needed help and guidance. I immediately called the Smart Works number from a pamphlet I had picked up. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the service had come highly recommended to me. To my relief, a friendly reassuring voice answered the phone and within a few minutes I had an appointment the very next morning and detailed instructions on how to find its location.

The moment I arrived I was greeted by a team of volunteers who had shown up just to dress me, prep me and put my nerves at ease. I relied a lot on the expertise of the dressing volunteers who came with plenty of tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your work wardrobe. They were able to find something very formal, that was a perfect fit but most importantly they made sure I felt comfortable in it. I remember when I put on the outfit, that I eventually chose to take home with me, one of the volunteers said to me: “If you don’t get the job, I will eat my hat”.

After the dressing stage, I was taken through a typical interview process by two volunteers who worked in the industry of my prospective job. They were very patient with all my industry questions and were full of relevant good quality advice. They gave me a clear direction on how to prepare for the interview and made me feel confident in the material I had to work from.

Aside from the quality of clothing and interview advice, it is the warmth and support that makes the team at Smart Works so uniquely recommendable. They genuinely care and want you to succeed and their help will make a big difference in your interview performance. If you’re new to the city like I was and find interviews particularly stressful, this is especially appreciated. I felt I had gained a job interview support group. They were the first ones I told when I was successful at the interview stage. I am very grateful to them for my first work outfit and so much more.”


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