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Feedback from some of our clients

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Senayt, who came in having mixed feelings before the appointment, told us this, post her session with us:

“I have found the interview very helpful and made me reach for my goal.”

Another client, Alison, said :

“Volunteers were lovely and helpful. Very welcoming and took a lot of time and care. Very helpful, good advice, very friendly.”

Susan, a client who felt confident about her interview after the dressing and interview session with us, said:

“Ladies were fantastic, provided me with great help, they knew how to boost confidence and made me feel good. They complemented my body shape with the right clothes. Excellent service!”

One of our fist clients for this year 2016, Iwona, said:

“I have had a real fun trying all the clothes, ladies were very kind, friendly and helpful who helped me build my confidence, felt well and comfortable. Interview session was very helpful too, I am less stressed and feel more confident.”

Rachel, who found our appointment extremely helpful, said:

“I was made to feel very comfortable – I really valued any input I was getting and I felt like I was being listened to and catered for. Really helpful – it does put you on your toes but in a very useful way. I feel like I have a lot to go away and think about but I am on track to be really prepared.”

Moira, who got the job she had applied for, said this about our dressing session:

“Absolutely amazing. The session was very well organized and the volunteers were superb and put me at ease. They really know what they’re doing. They’re patient, kind and have an amazing eye for what works in an outfit.”

And about our interview session:

“Extremely helpful practice interview, boosted confidence and helped me to formulate examples and answers coherently. Thank you so much! Your charity is amazing!!”


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