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Nowadays, there is a growing fashion about the organic clothing. Media emphasises their superiority over clothing made of synthetic materials such as polyester fibers. Natural fabrics that are environmentally friendly are also made for the sake of our bodies. Is that true? What to look for when completing our wardrobes?image

It is not so simple to avoid raw materials used in the textile industry. In terms of everyday clothes there are many options such 100% organic cotton, flax, ramie or hemp; however, it is difficult to find an evening dress free of additives with polyester fibers and what is more, not everyone can afford an elegant dress or shirt with organic fabrics such as silk.

Supporters of the organic clothes stress their shorter duration of decomposition in landfills, reduced water consumption during production and lower incidence of allergies or skin chafing at their frequent wear. Another big advantage of cotton clothes is their greater breathability and better absorption of sweat; hence, they are ideal for hot days and warm evening. What is more, they are also pleasant to the touch. That is why; it is worth to buy clothes for babies and children or underwear produced from natural fibres.

imageOrganic cotton may cost more up front, but it has substantial benefits over the long term…

Organic clothing has its drawbacks too. It is more difficult to clean, is also prone to wrinkles. Moreover, the higher price discourages potential buyers.

imageSeeing the advantages of organic clothes that are environmentally friendly and much kinder to our skin or taking care of the quality may not be very practical for lots of people. Many of us tend to have a variety of different clothes in our wardrobe and despite all of the benefits of organic clothing majority people seem to still choosing quantity over quality.





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