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How to Identify what Body Type you are

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Getting to know your body type:

Wearing just underwear look at yourself in the mirror. What to focus on?

  • Shoulder width
  • Waistline
  • Height
  • Hip width

Are your shoulders wider than your hips, the same width, or perhaps your hips are wider than shoulders?
Do you have a waistline?
Is your bust large or small size?
Are tall or petite?

If you can’t decide ask a friend for help; use a measuring tape to measure mentioned body parts.

How to take a measurement:

  • Shoulders: measure around the widest part of your shoulders
  • Bust: measure around the widest part around your bust and back
  • Waistline: measure around the thinnest part of your waist
  • Hips: measure around the widest part of your hips and around your rear.

Make sure the tape is never too tight or too lose 

Body shape types:


X – you have a typical hourglass figure with perfectly proportional wide shoulder and hips. There is a visible waistline and you are usually size 14 and over

S – again a rounded hourglass figure but size 10-12. A medium size bust and waistline

Y – the weight of your body is at the top with full breasts and narrow hips

T – the weight of your body is also at the top but with a petite bust and hips

I – you are T all and slim with a small bust

H – your shoulders and hips are wide yet proportional, with a less visible waist indentation

E – you are small and petite with a narrow waistline

A – slender shoulders with smaller breasts but more shapely hips, rear and thighs. Your silhouette weight is lower

O – your body is ovular with a rounded stomach, often larger than your breasts. Your legs are often slim.


These are based on Aleksandra Fratczak’s stylist blog:


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